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Corn Golden Rice Production Line

Type: granulation of corn golden rice from fine maize flour

Description of Corn Golden Rice Production Line

Corn golden rice making machine absorbs the most advanced corn deep processing technology of automatic control system and micro extruding and forming, providing professional process of maize/corn golden rice from fine corn/maize flour with high nutrient density. The patent technology of corn golden rice adopts compact processing flow of corn pre-processing, hulling and extracting, milling, weighing and mixing, granulation, cooling and transportation, assuring high quality corn golden rice, compact structure, and convenient to eat etc.

General introduction of maize/flour golden rice production line:

¡ñ Multiple high tech gathered corn golden rice technology. The advanced starch small damaged technology combing with computer control ingredient, maintains original nutrition, corn natural flavor and biological activity of corn golden rice as well as improving of taste of corn food and corn performance.

¡ñ Core corn golden rice auto extruding and forming technology. LINGFINE adopts computer controlled micro extruding and forming technology ensuring the best temperature for cornstarch pasting, and protecting natural nutrition from damaging effectively.

¡ñ Perfect taste and high nutrition corn golden rice. Since large amount of niacin releases from corn and clear gel produces from cornstarch, corn golden rice is available in good appearance and featured by easy cooking, tasting smooth and delicate, and rice flavor of corn etc.

Processing Flow of corn golden rice production line:

Raw Corn CleaningHulling and Germ Extracting-Milling-Weighing and Mixing-Granulating-Cooling

(-Shade Dry-Grading and Screening-Sterilization-Packing-Finished Products)
PS:The procedures in brackets are optional.

The whole process includes the following 6 parts:(1) Corn Pre-processing,(2) Hulling and Extracting,(3) Milling, (4) Weighing and Mixing,(5) Granulating,(6) Cooling and Transporting.

Corn Golden Rice Capacity:
¡ñ Designed hour capacity: 150kg/h
¡ñ Designed capacity:£º1.2T (per 8 hours)
¡ñ Designed daily capacity£º3.6T (3 shifts continuous production)
¡ñ Designed monthly capacity: 86.4T (24 business days)
¡ñ Designed annual output: 1036.8T(12 months)
¡ñ The complete set of corn gold rice production line decides annual output of 1000 ton of corn golden rice.

Detail of Corn Golden Rice Production Line

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