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FSFJ Series Twin-case Plansifter

The latest developed FSFJ series high efficiency twin-case plansifter adopts non-vertical shaft automatic drive to achieve screening and grading of materials. It is widely applicable of classification of granular and flours in grain or corn processing line, food, alcohols, chemical industries etc.

Description of FSFJ Series Twin-case Plansifter

FSFJ series high efficiency twin-case plansifter provides efficient grain cleaning result in various flour, rice, corn and grain milling processing lines. Motor drives shaft to produce centrifugal force, and sieve does plane rotary movement to achieve purpose of material classification and screening.

Featured characteristics of FSFJ series high efficiency double case plansifter:
¡ñ Durable structure and good appearance plansifter sieve, reliable operation, and simple maintenance.
¡ñ Perfect screening as well as cooling effect of processing grain material.
¡ñ Small device footprint, large screening area, long screening path length, high efficiency, high capacity and low energy consumption
¡ñ Impact and precise design of screen grids enables convenient accessibility, good sealing of plansifter.
¡ñ Unique designed screen cleaning structure avoids blocking of sieve in operation.
¡ñ Durable FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) boom, screen surface polishing, and good appearance
¡ñ Reasonable equipping of rotary speed and radium parameters assures high efficiency and high quality screen of various flours and granular.

Detail of FSFJ Series Twin-case Plansifter

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