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Maize Flour and Grits Milling Machine

Type: dry milling method, maize/corn flour and grits milling process

Description of Maize Flour and Grits Milling Machine

Maize flour and grits milling machine production line adopts the most advanced and super fine dry milling method to obtain high quality maize grits, maize flour. There is no need of water addition in whole maize milling process. The maize/corn flours, grits milling production line is featured by advanced technology, fine and specialized quality, low energy consumption, and good product quality etc.

Application: dry and fine milling maize/corn into maize grits and super fine maize flour by complete set of maize flour, grit milling machine

General Introduction of Maize grits and flour milling machine:

¡ñ New type grain cleaning machine assures high purity maize. LINGFINE Food&Oil Machinery makes innovation on maize cleaning machine to get perfect separation of clean maize from mix. It provides perfect foundation for further milling of better quality maize flour and grits.

¡ñ Advanced dry maize dehulling, degermination and polishing. Maize flour and grits milling plant adopts dry method milling to get high quantity degermed maize and corn germ. This dry corn milling machine is superior in small site area, low consumption of coal and power, low labor input and high profit.

¡ñ High quality finished maize grits and flour. The advanced and scientific arrangement of maize flour mailing process flow ensures high capacity of maize flour, grits. The finished maize products are widely applicable in processing of food, sugars, or beer etc.

Technical data of maize flours milling machine production line:

Equipment Name Maize Flours,Grits Milling Machine
Capacity 10T, 20T, 30T, 50T, 100T, 200T
Products corn grits, flours, husks
Yield corn grits and flours   25-30%
Corn husks  20-25%
Total capacity corn grits and flour 75-80%
Corn Flours Fineness 40-2000 mesh (adjustable)
Sand content £¼0.02%
Magnetic metal content £¼0.003/kg
Moisture content 13.5-14.5%
Fat content 0.5-1%

Flow chart of corn/maize flour milling machines:

Maize Flour and Grits Milling Production Line

Detail of Maize Flour and Grits Milling Machine

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