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TCXT Series Magnetic Separator

TCXT series magnetic separator offers high efficiency separation of magnetic metal debris from various corn or grain materials. It is widely applicable in all sizes of grain milling, oil processing plants, feed plant, wine, and solvent plant etc.

Description of TCXT Series Magnetic Separator

The durable stainless steel manufactured TCXT series magnetic separator adopts high-strength (200-300mT) core magnetic material to achieve high deferrization of impure materials in all sizes grain and corn milling processing lines.

Featured characteristics of TCXT series permanent drum magnetic separator:

¡ñGood appearance, reasonable structure, high iron removal rate, less occupy space, and no power.
¡ñWidely applicable in feed, building material, grain, food, oil and chemical industry. The magnetic separator makes efficient separation of magnetic material in corns or grains. It enables high quality of processing corn and grains, and ensures good quality and safe operation of machinery in corn process.
¡ñHigh iron removal rate. TCXT series magnetic separator adopts rare earth as permanent magnetic material. It is featured by strong magnetic intensity more than 2000GS, no power for device, high rate of iron removal of 99%.
¡ñSimple structure, easy operation, no power consumption, flexible installation, and high efficiency.

Detail of TCXT Series Magnetic Separator

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