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TQLZ Series Vibrating Screen

TQLZ Series High Efficiency Vibrating Screen provides the most convenient sorting of particulate materials in corn milling, rice milling, flour, oil pressing, feed, chemical, wine, grain storage etc. It is mostly applicable for occasions where working fields changing operations.

Description of TQLZ Series Vibrating Screen

TQLZ series high efficiency vibrating screen adopts vibration motor to generate exciting force, which promotes vibrating of material on screen in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning up material in corn or grain milling processing line.

Featured characteristic:
¡ñ Larger screening surface and higher screen utilization. The special design of extended 300mm coarse sieve surface until feed box sieve increases the screen management area of coarse screen, and improves utilization of surface of fine sieve of vibration screen.

¡ñ Double parallel road sieve designed screen structure. The enlarged screening area improves the processing capability of vibrating screen significantly.

¡ñ Compact design and good performance. The vibrating screen is design in compact size, low weight, large capacity and stable performance. It is featured by easy maintenance, stable and reliable mechanical properties.

¡ñ Scientific designed structure. The advanced design of stronger excited forced, circulating winnowing and strengthen sieve allows stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection in all application fields.

¡ñ Enclosed and durable structure. The durable structured TQLZ series vibrating screen adopts fully enclosed design. It enables clean, safe and health corn processing in work.

The vibrating screen is applicable for cleaning and sorting of granular materials in flour milling, oil pressing, wine, grain storage and processing enterprise etc. It enables high efficiency removal of impurities in wheat, corn, rice, oil and other materials. It is an ideal vibrating screen for small and medium sized grain or corn milling plant.

Detail of TQLZ Series Vibrating Screen

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