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YTPL Series Corn Germ Remover

YTPL series corn germ remover absorbs domestic and foreign advanced technology, provides high efficiency degreming in corn deep processing plant. This device is widely applicable for large and medium size corn degerming enterprise, feed plant, alcohol plant, corm germ oil plant etc.

Description of YTPL Series Corn Germ Remover

YTPL series corn germ remover utilizes cutting and centrifuge impact principle to remove corn germ successfully. Maize endosperm structure is destroyed under combined effects of collisions and friction among corn kernels. The structure strength of corn germ endosperm, the bonding strength of corn germ and endosperm are all destructed in order to obtain complete corn peeling, degerming, and grit broken purposes.

Featured characteristics of YTPL series corn germ remover:

  • Scientific and reasonable design, compact structure, easy operation, reliable and stable operation.
  • Adjustable plate rotor design enables uniform degerming and corn germ integrality.
  • Both rigid and flexible squeezing designs divide corn germ tinto 6-8 lobes in near square shape.
  • High corn germ capacity and less flour. High rate of finished product makes sure of the best extraction rate and purity of germ removal and degerming.
  • Fully enclosed design enables safe and clean production in operation.
  • Widely applicable corn germ remover in corn processing lines, liquor enterprise, corn germ oil plant, feed processing plant etc.

Detail of YTPL Series Corn Germ Remover

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